Outside home network ,it's not possible to connect

i’ m running with virgin’s fastest net 5g home internet and outside i have latest Android phone, but still no connection outside home broadband.

I’ve been having the same issue for months now. I’ve been in touch with support and we have tried various things like reinstall the app, network reset on the phone, hardwired the homebase to the router, they also sent me new doorbell but none of the solutions resolved the issue.

The latest suggestion from them is to put the Homebase to Performance (Beta) mode:
Homebase settings>Working Mode>Performance(Beta)

Same here on my 2 c pro I will get a pic of the event and nothing else so most time I see a cat at night much better than nothing

I have the same issue with a doorbell and 2C pro on 2 Homebases 2: I have notification but I can’t watch the video streaming.
Looks like a port forwarding to set on the router to get the streaming to work out of the local network, but I can’t find the right setting.

Someone on Reddit posted a successful fix. He went into the phone settings and changed the APN to use an IPv4 address instead of IPv6.

If you can access your cameras from the Eufy Web Portal then the problem is probably with your mobile carrier or device settings. If you can’t access your cams from the web portal, then problem is usually in your router, firewall, or ISP.