Parts and Accessories Question

The camera still works great, but the mounting screws were stripped during the initial install and so the base that the camera screws into cannot be removed in order to be relocated to my new :house_with_garden:. Do you sell just the camera mounting materials and the doorbell mounting materials separately for issues such as this?

You can get a different mount for these camera’s, I bought some ftom Amazon for my 2c camera’s which are better than the original mounts as far as the doorbell I cannot say because I refuse to buy Eufy product because of the support being useless.

If the screw heads are stripped I would just use a drill bit for metal and drill them out till the mount comes off.

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The screws that come with Eufy devices are the cheapest Chinese hardware. First thing to do is throw them all away and go to a local hardware store and get good ones.

As another user said, you can also get better mounts that fit the 1/4-20 mounting screw on the back of the Eufy battery cams. I got 3 Blink camera mounts on Amazon for $15. They are metal instead of plastic and work fine with Eufy cams.