Recharging wired doorbell

I wired our battery operated doorbell. I know it wired because I see a plug icon for the power source. The doorbell turned off because it’s low on battery and needs to be recharged. I thought when you wire the doorbell, you don’t need to recharge. Am I mistaken?

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From what I understand, wiring the doorbell basically acts as a trickle charger. The doorbell still runs on the battery itself, so if your transformer doesn’t charge it fast enough, it can still run out of battery.

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Thank you very much. Had I known I should of went wired version instead. Thanks for the insight.

I am having the same issue.
My battery doorbell is wired with 24v 40va transformer. Since it got cold out (0-15 F) the battery seems to have slowed down with charging. I even turned off the doorbell but It didn’t charge it overnight.
I also keep getting low battery warnings.

To support. Is it possible to add a function to turn off battery warnings when doorbell is wired and maybe have two indicators one for battery power % and other if it’s currently powered via wire?
I am not sure why Charging gets reduced so much during the cold weather.

Charging slows or stops because it will destroy the battery if charging in cold weather. The electrolyte turns solid below 35F and if you try to charge it, it will plate the anode with electrons and your battery will be totally useless. All lithium batteries have this limitation. Some of the newer LiPO batteries are slightly more immune to this effect, but they are more expensive and have other issues.

Eufy used to have a popup message and an icon when the camera sensed colder temps, telling you that charging was curtailed below 32F, but it appears to have been removed by one of the updates.

I bought this doorbell in December and just this month we have experienced really cold temps. I hope I don’t go through this in the spring and summer. Love the doorbell so far and decide to wire it so don’t have to charge. I guess this explains the cold weather recharge.

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I guess this is what I experienced, and didn’t realize. I first installed my doorbell to existing wiring from the “doorbell” that’s been there for 60 years. However, shortly after getting set up, I started getting warnings the charge was running down, and eventually the battery did deplete. This was in the Fall in Washington, DC, so, it was chilly, but, not freezing. I just assumed the electrical wiring wasn’t working, and disconnected the wires altogether. Since then, we’ve had to recharge the doorbell 3 or 4 times, and were just RECENTLY discussing how annoying that is…having to recharge so often. We live in a residential area, but, there is plenty of foot traffic with mailman, dog walkers, UPS, neighbors, etc.

Now, I am having the problem of the application not recognizing that the battery is recharged…I’ve had it plugged into the Wall outlet for +48 hours, and it is working fine, except, the app is saying the battery needs to be recharged, and is showing the doorbell in red, as though there is a problem with it. The doorbell is still plugged into the wall, laying on a desk, but, its video ingredient everything, and it chimes when the button is pushed. What should I do about that? I’ve tried a reboot…connecting, disconnecting already.

Sounds like your traffic was too high for the wiring to keep up. This is a real common issue. Eufy bases their battery calculations on 10 detections a day for 20 seconds a piece. That is at 60 F. If you have more detections, record longer, or, its colder, then you deplete the battery faster.

Since your wiring was old, your doorbell transformer probably didn’t have enough capacity to keep up with the excess drain. The hardwire connection only trickle charges the batteries and cannot catch up if you get too low on the charge curve. Cold temperatures only make this worse. If you run lithium batteries too low for too long, they will be permanently damaged and won’t take a charge anymore. Sounds like that’s what happened to your unit.

There is one thing I have noticed lately that makes it hard to tell how much charge you have. I haven’t tested this on the doorbell, but the cams all have this issue now. When you start charging, the app doesn’t keep up with the correct charging percentage anymore. The percentage won’t change for several hours. The only way I have found to deal with this is to stop charging, completely shut down the app, and let the device sit for 10-15 minutes. When the time is up, start up the app again and check the charge. It is always higher than when you stopped. Sometimes, its 100%, depending on how long you charged. I have this happen to 3 different camera types recently.

If shutting down the app and checking charge later doesn’t show the charge is changing, you probably have damaged batteries.