Recording timespan - how to extend

Hi please can someone help? We have the 2C cameras with solar they were installed by a security cam company. Apparently the camera’s are set to max recording time so that any motions are fully recorded however the max time seems to be seconds not minutes so we don’t capture the full motion movement. Please can anyone advise if these cameras do full recordings and how long is the maximum setting in terms of continuous recording of a movement?

Max recording time should be 2 minutes. Go to the app and set the Power Manager to Customize recording mode. There you can control how long you want to record. Do not set the “end clip early if no motion” on. This causes weird behavior so I leave it off.

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Thanks for that I appreciate it where do I find Power Manager I’ve looked in settings and can’t find it?

Click on the gear icon in the app above the camera and you will find all settings for that individual camera. Power manager is listed there.

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Great found it cheers for that