Security alarm & talk feature

My camera security alarm currently runs at 30 seconds. I would like an option to customize this to my needs as I feel 30 seconds is too long and they clue the perpetrator into where my camera is located. By customizing my own seconds I can have my car protected and not camera not found, using a quick burst to deter. Some increments maybe 3 seconds, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, one minute, five ECT? I feel like in some cases 30 seconds is too long (also could be too short). On the flip side or longer sound may signify a medical emergency within the household for neighbors to look into. Everything from help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up to there is a perpetrator in my house, alarm could signal attention needed.

As to the voice saved recordings, I would like to type in a response and have it computer-generated like the first saved command given. A not record my own voice option. To hide that I am a female living alone or showing my advanced age through voice. The voice is needed for pets and should stay but it’s not needed for perpetrators.

To conclude one set timer on the alarm is a very narrow protection Gap. Voice recording should also include an auto computer generated male and female option.