Sensibility Issues - all or nothing? Cam 2 Pro

Hi, everyone,

Any advice on sensibility Issues from the Cam 2 Pro’s? I used to have a few of them set to 7 on the motion sensing setting, the highest, but I kept getting notifications from cars driving by >50 feet away (which I found odd). We then set it down to 6 hoping it would alleviate it, and we thought it did, but recently we had a huge moving truck approach the cameras within likely 10 feet or so, plus humans moving right around its line of sight, and it didn’t send a notification nor did it record anything.

I find this worrisome. That’s a pretty relevant miss right there.

We have a powered doorbell cam too that, short of having a narrower sight line, is pretty good at picking anything that moves - I’m wondering if this idea of battery operated cameras is simply wishful thinking. In their attempt at power saving not only are they making them finicky when waking up (frames jump), they don’t seem to be able to catch anything moving faster than a leaf blowing in the wind.