Time on Camera Live screen is 9hrs behind

I have researched and reviewed your support site.

It is obvious that nothing is actually been done about the time issue on the live camera.

I suggest that Technical support review the issues and fix them as it has been an issue for nearly a year…

As per the topic, My camera is wrong by 9hrs, I have reset and restarted my device, yet the time is still incorrect.

Has this been resolved?


Do not have but have you tried to go to the apps and delete the cache or reinstall the program?

I reset the cache, but the issue is not with my phone or my husbands, but the actual doorbell.
As the wrong time is on the doorbell live view and is showing up wrong on all phones. (3)

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Same here, only 2 hours difference.
Time on the homebase is correct, but on the video of the doorbell it’s -2 hours

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I was eliminating the obvious. My next though are both of you using the cloud service. I know that from the soundcore community they use the utc time. So that makes it 4 hours from utc 12 am which makes their day ending at 8 pm for us on east coast.

Wonder if @ste4899 is near say Europe and @suh41maybe somewhere off the pacific or somewhere. Just another thought

Hi, i am in the Netherlands so +2 UTC. That’s correct. But I don’t know why my homebase is correct and the video of the doorbell is incorrect

I do not know for sure on that but that may help eufy support fix the issue… I am not sure if the cloud is putting everything as utc or what. So I guess the other person may be more near China if his is minus 9 or plus 9 from utc.

I do not use the cloud at this time. So it does not show the wrong time. Wonder if it only that device or others