Unhappy with product

I have to recharge monthly. Shuts itself off if i dont notice low battery. Get sometimes 25 false notices per day if its sunny. Keep adjusting the coverage area to no avail. Been playing and adjusting for 6 months. It is useless

This is the reason I have not purchased a doorbell cam. I would only have 1 spot to mount it. Doesn’t give you many options. Even if the AI and activity zones worked flawlessly… the cam would be so busy dealing with it the battery would be toast.

I think I would only get one if they made a waterproof motion sensor to trigger the cam. Placement options would avoid the sun and road… wake up the camera sooner so I didn’t just record the persons back that stole my package and give a usable battery life.

My front eufyCam2k is set to activate the doorbell on this way when it detects movement