Unlock the power of eufy | Delivery Guard User Guideline fo Video Doorbell Dual

What is Delivery Guard?

Delivery Guard is an experimental feature, designed with eufy Security package detection technology, to protect your packages. Whenever a package is delivered, you’ll receive a notification. Plus, you can get pickup reminders throughout the day and be notified when someone approaches your package.

For the Best Experience

To ensure your packages are always detected, we recommend to do the following:

  1. Focus on a small and clear area with the Porch View Camera. For the best result, make sure the field of view does not go past your porch line.
  2. Ensure the porch has enough light, day and night.
  3. Install the doorbell where the camera’s view isn’t blocked. We have included a 15° mounting wedge to help clear obstructions.
  4. Set the activity zone to the usual package delivery area to avoid false detections.

Credit: Beta Tester Josh and Sweenbeen

What Leads to Undetected Packages

Package factors :

A. Type

Package Guard can detect boxes, and plastic and paper bags. Right now, the AI best detects boxes, and we’re still teaching it to better identify other types.

Credit: Beta Tester Clete and Anil

B. Oversized Packages / Packages Out of Frame

Credit: Beta Tester Anthony and Anil

C. Partially-Covered Packages

Credit: Beta Tester Ben

Device Installation :

For best results, install the doorbell on a wall directly facing approaching visitors. This will keep the Porch View Camera and the door from causing blind spots.

If you’re unable to do that, install the doorbell on a side wall and use the included 15° wedge to move the field of view.

A . Uneven Wall / Doorbell Tilted Up

Credit: Beta Tester Ben and David

If you’re still experiencing difficulties, check if these situations might be causing the issue, then try reinstalling the doorbell in a more ideal spot.

Credit: Beta Tester Jake

B . Obstruction Between Porch View Camera and Package (Decorations/Railings)

Credit: Beta Tester Anthony

All of scenarios mentioned that bottom camera may not flush with the front door, which causes a blind spot. And then if the courier leaves the package right in front of the door, the bottom camera will unable to capture the whole shape of the package, which will affect the accuracy of detection.


A. Lighting Conditions

The fill light for the Porch View Camera extends to 5 ft (1.5 m). For better detection, install additional lighting at night.

B. Snow / Porch Material / Porch Color

Credit: Beta Tester Gary and Andy

C. Flower Pots, Carpets, Shoe Boxes


A. Out of View (Long Entryway)

Your courier might be leaving your package at the end of the entryway. That’s out of range for the Porch View Camera.

B. Side Installation (Wide Door Frame)

If the doorbell is installed on a side wall and the door frame is too wide, it could lead to an issue. When couriers leave packages on the other side of the door, the Porch View Camera can’t see it.

C. Open Environment

Your courier may place your package anywhere, and that could be out of the Porch View Camera’s range.

Credit: Beta Tester Bill and Sam


If the package possesses an irregular shape, it may not be detected. Right now, Delivery Guard best works with rectangular-shaped packages.

Unsatisfied? Help Improve the Feature

It’s annoying to not receive a package notification. That’s why we want to improve this new technology. Anytime that you get a package that’s not detected, take a picture or share a video so we can train our AI. You can do that right from the Events tab. With your help, we can train our AI to detect 100% of packages.

False Detections

Objects within the Porch View Camera’s field of view can accidentally be detected as packages. If you have shoe boxes, carpets, slippers, stools, fire hydrants, flower pots, or leaves on your porch, it unfortunately may be accidentally detected.

You can remove the object out of the field of view or set an activity zone to exclude this object.

As mentioned, we are constantly refining the app. If you get an accidental detection, share a video or picture following the same process we just mentioned. Your feedback ensures we can eliminate faulty notifications.

Credit: Beta Tester Andy , Anil , and Ben

Andy, Anil, and Ben shared these pictures with us after their lantern, sandals, and flower pot showed up as false detections. We quickly used these pictures to update the AI to ensure they won’t be detected as packages again.

Final Note

If you don’t want to upload videos via the app, you can also email us and provide feedback at support@eufylife.com. We’ll respond to any concerns within 24 hours.

Power Unlocked! :unlock:

Do you ever feel that you’re getting out-smarted by your smart home? We know that the sheer level of features on our products can be a little overwhelming. So to make life easier, we want to share with you tips into how to best use your eufy devices. Keep an eye out for more “Unlock the power of eufy” posts and gain the knowledge needed to be top of the smart home class.

Where you can find us :smile:

If you encounter any problems during use or have any other questions, please contact our customer service team through the following channels:

1)eufy Security app → Help → Call us/Feedback.

2)Ask your questions here at the bottom of this post.

3)Send us an email: support@eufylife.com

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support.

eufy Security Team


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