Use extra Homebase as a 2nd door chime?

I’ve been trying to find some guide how to archive this. I have 2 homebases and 2 door sensors. I have a 2nd Homebase right now on my second floor is there anyway to make the chime sound on this one when the 1st floor Homebase rings when a door opens?

Can I ask if you managed to purchase the 2nd Homebase as a standalone and how much please. I need a 2nd one myself. Thanks

Heyo! I wasn’t able to buy just a standalone one but I did order this bundle.

Okay thanks for replying :slightly_smiling_face:

It would indeed be very nice to activate both homebases with a single doorbell! Since eufy does not enable me use my google home as chime this could be a (temporary) solution for me.

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