View Keeps Switching

I am having an issue with our Eufy security cameras where when viewing a stream the view keeps switching from landscape to portrait. It does not do this with our doorbell. Its definately frustrating. Please help.

Are you referring to the android app? Cause I’m having the same issues and it’s very annoying.

Like you said, the doorbell stream isn’t affected. It’s just my eufy wireless cameras.

This has been mentioned in a couple of other conversations when you switch from portrait to landscape it keeps changing back to portrait again and I’ve had the same problem as well on my Android phone Eufy support have confirmed the issue will be fixed in an update on the 3rd June


Yes this issue is on Android. I am running android 10.

New App update last night / this morning v1.7.5_595(EU) for Android and this has now fixed the App Rotation issue for me now on my Samsung S8