Wired wifi cameras, battery wifi cameras, solar wifi camera, wifi baby monitor cameras, doorbell cameras, wifi camera floodlights and etc

Be able to view more than one camera live feeds at the same time in various devices by

multiple users at the same time. Example: person#1(Mother) views more than 1 camera

feeds in one and/or multiple devices while at

the same time another person#2(Father) views more than one camera live feeds in

one or multiple devices while traveling, work.

Be able to also have the option to look for a date and time of a playblack continuous

recording and events recordings by entering date and time manually instead of only

having the option of scrolling and scrolling from one date and time to another which is

time consuming and it freezes and you have start scrolling all over again from date/hours

to other date/hours until you find the date and time of playback continuous recording

and events recording that you are trying to view.

Be able to have continuous recording playback in wifi battery cameras, solar wifi cameras and similar technologies too.

Be able to also have the option of color night vision in all security cameras instead of only the regular night vision option.