C24 indoor stopped recording

Seems Eufy is doing something and does not notify customer.

No recording to sd card since this morning.
Would Problem be that Eufy cannot record to sd when there is no server or internet??

Not very reliable like Wyze.


So I’m not the only one whomis experiencing this? Is your camera’s blue light blinking? You can see live feed but it’s not recording?


I have not gone to see if blue light blinking since it is far ftom where I am.

seems Live view is working.

I reformatted sd card… same issue.
I restarted c24 several times, same issue.

I will go there and try unplugging it to see if it helps.

Will come back later

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Unplugged and repowered.
Totally offline.

It is just like Wyze. V1 V2

My c24 outdoor died this morning. Live view works…. But that’s it. I have a c24 indoor cam that I mounted outside to test last week… that looks ok

Cannot even reset.
Seems the firmware uodate last week is trying to sell more new camera.

Same here, around 3:45am pacific. Both outdoor c22 and c24 stopped recorded. Live feed works.

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Update: c24 outdoor. Format storage , removed from app, hard reset and re added it to the app. Looks like it’s it’s recording again and 24/7 background video has resumed. First thing I looked at when it shutdown at 2 am this morning… firmware. Nope…. Nothing listed anyway.

Yep… 2-3 am in Seattle

Same problem here! Last recording was at 4:44am pacific this morning, July 20 2022. Live view works fine but hasn’t recorded anything since. I’ve played with all the settings and haven’t had any success yet.

I didn’t look on my outdoor c24 before I crashed it. The blue light cannot be seen outside during the day anyway. (smart thinking Eufy)

Same issue here on my two outdoor C24 cams. The blue LED status light just flashes. No motion detected recordings no notifications. Turned motion detection off / on, done a Reset Device through app, unplugged power and waited a few seconds to plug back in and got nada… Can see live view and record.
The latest update I got for the C24 cams was on 06/24/2022 version
The doorbell is working fine though.

UPDATE 11 hours later: Performing a Restart Device within the App settings has fixed the issue

I should add that my c24 indoor cam ( mounted outside ) is working fine. But I did just purchase it last week so maybe different firmware?

Do not unplug. It just brick your c24

Also now the community forum won’t work with android but iOS is ok

Ps. Please submit logs and feedback to Eufy

Does anyone know where I can get copy of firmware for c24 so I can manually reflash

I have the c22 outdoor stopped recording 24/hrs around 1:10am. Tried restarting it through the app turning record off and back on even formated the SD card and with this can confirm it is not recording. Live view does work.

My c24 and indoor cams all seem to be working fine…

I am having the same issue with one of my two cameras. Stopped recording around 2 am. I power cycled it. Removed from the app and reset it completely but it still only showing the live view.

My doorbell and camera have also stopped working too…since yesterday. I have turned off and on but still nothing. No live view either

Did these cameras get a firmware update shortly before they stopped working? If so, if you wouldn’t mind sharing your camera models and firmware versions in my thread, it might be helpful to Eufy or others.

For C24, I suspect Eufy pushed the P24 firmware to our C24, if you read the change description.

I’m having a similar problem with my Outdoor Cam Pro. I can see the live view, but it is not recording events or the 24/7 and is not sending notifications. It seemed to stop at around 4:00 AM EST. The SD card is close to being full, but it should start overwriting. Did a firmware update somehow break the overwrite function?